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Outback Queensland Tourism Company Celebrates 35 Years and Launches New Outback Rail Adventure in 2023

24 Feb 2023 OAT News
Alan and Sue Smith as Newlyweds in 1992

Local Outback legends Alan and Sue Smith are celebrating 35 years of Outback holidays for travellers. With the next 35 years in sight, they are launching an all-new rail experience in June this year.

The company has come a long way from when Alan Smith, a restless 21-year-old bush boy with a dream, started operations in 1988 with photocopied brochures, a camp oven, a billy, and Tilly the troop carrier. Some guests, still touring with Alan, vividly recall jolting around in Tilly! Not only did Alan survive as a tour operator in a remote marginal area, but he grew his business into a successful, highly renowned, and recognised operation.

As a Savannah Guide Master Operator, Outback Aussie Tours has built a reputation for providing top-quality guided tours of the Outback’s rugged terrain, showcasing the area’s natural beauty and unique cultural heritage. Alan and Sue Smith, owners Outback Aussie Tours, invite their guests to enjoy their warm outback hospitality, benefit from strong relationships with local characters and be entertained by local yarns as they share their in-depth knowledge and passionate connection with the land, their home.

Their tours offer passengers the opportunity to experience the freedom of the vast open plains and beauty of the Outback in comfort and style. Each tour is designed to provide an experience that is both enjoyable and accessible for all ages. With a focus on providing a unique and immersive experience of the Outback’s culture, history, and landscapes, Outback Aussie Tours has become a go-to for travellers seeking a once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

As part of their commitment to delivering unforgettable experiences to their customers, Outback Aussie Tours has just launched a new product called the Outback Rail Adventure. This exciting new adventure will take passengers on a journey between Longreach, Ilfracombe and surrounds on a beautifully refurbished silver bullet rail motor.

The Outback Rail Adventure offers a new way to explore the beauty of Outback Queensland, combining the comfort of a luxury train ride with stunning views of the ruggedness of the Outback. “Whether you like trains or like the Outback, or both, this new and entertaining experience in Longreach is going to be a thrilling way for passengers to reconnect with rail whilst bringing the great outdoors inside.”

“We’re thrilled to be celebrating 35 years of providing exceptional tourism experiences in Outback Queensland,” said Alan. “Our team has worked hard to create exclusive, unforgettable tours and our new Outback Rail Adventure is a perfect example of this. We’re excited to offer this unique and luxurious experience to our visitors, and we look forward to many more years of showcasing the beauty of the Outback.” Born and bred in the bush, Alan and Sue love the outback life and share a passion for its strong sense of community and freedom. The Outback Aussie Tours team is dedicated to continuing to improve and innovate including supporting local charities and businesses, helping to create a better and more sustainable future for Longreach.

For more information about the Outback Aussie Tours and their luxury guided holidays, click here.


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