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About OAT

Home of the Qantas Museum, start your Tour in Longreach! Proud of being born and bred Western Queenslanders, owners Alan and Sue Smith and the Outback Aussie Tours team delight in showcasing, interpreting, and sharing with visitors the natural and cultural features of the area of Australia’s Outback they call home.

Based in Queensland’s central outback town of Longreach, Outback Aussie Tours (OAT) is a multi-award winning Savannah Guide Operator that has been operating tours for over 35 years. We provide escorted, accommodated Australian Outback tours and flexible short break packages from Longreach, Cairns & Brisbane to favourite Outback Queensland destinations including Longreach & Winton, Birdsville, Corner Country, Gulf Savannah and Cape York & Torres Strait. Careful research, well-established contacts and a detailed local knowledge are the backbone of our touring operations and set Outback Aussie Tours apart as a leading outback touring operator. The company also specialises in co-ordinating Australian Outback tours for incentive, special interest groups and events.

The company has come a long way from when Alan Smith, a restless 21-year-old bush boy with a dream, started operations in 1988 with photocopied brochures, a camp oven, a billy, and Tilly the troop carrier. Some guests, still touring with Alan, vividly recall jolting around in Tilly! Not only did Alan survive as a tour operator in a remote marginal area, but he grew his business into a successful, highly renowned, and internationally recognised operation, with a fleet of state-of-the art and comfortable vehicles and a highly professional touring team – trained to Savannah Guides standards with an in-depth local knowledge.

What to expect from our adventures

Our team is enriched with boundless energy and extraordinary enthusiasm for our home. We share our passion for the bush with visitors from around the world and deliver exceptionally high touring standards. Visitors to our Australian Outback experience the freedom of the vast open plains, gasp at the beauty of the night sky and mingle with our Outback characters.

We look forward to welcoming you in Outback Queensland for a journey of a lifetime with Outback Aussie Tours.

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With over 35 years experience in crafting authentic Queensland outback tours& adventures, you’re assured of a memorable and highly personalised guided holiday with Outback Aussie Tours.

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