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Charters & Excursions

Great Darr River Rail Run

Charters & Excursions

With 35 years experience, our local outback company Outback Aussie Tours is a leader in small to large sized group charter tours in our local Outback Queensland.  Our custom-designed fleet of touring vehicles and professional guides trained to Savannah Guides standards make our team your first stop for planning an Outback adventure.

Take advantage of our 35 years operating exclusively in our local outback region and ensure your group gets the most out of their Outback Queensland experience.  Design your own itinerary or let us tailor-make a tour to suit your group needs.  Here are some examples of the types of groups we can accommodate:

Travel Club Groups

For Travel Club groups looking to experience Outback Queensland for their next group tour away.  Outback Aussie Tours can assist with tour preparation, bookings, rail & flight connections, special event dinners and much more.  Being locally based in Outback Queensland, our team has the exclusive contacts for creating a memorable tour away!

Pre and Post Conference

For companies and individuals looking for a unique short break adventure before or after their meeting, seminar or conference. Our team can also assist with incentive and team-building ideas, and help with all the arrangements.

Special Interest

Specialised programs for enthusiasts in many fields such as photography, gardening, bird watching, Indigenous culture, palaeontology and wildlife.

Event Touring

If you have a group of 10 or more people looking to experience an Outback event e.g. Boulia Camel Races; Birdsville Races; Outback Festival; Julia Creek Dirt & Dust Festival; Mount Isa Rodeo; Big Red Bash – please give us a call and we will look into options of getting your group to the event for an unforgettable experience.

School Excursions

Outback Queensland is the perfect place to showcase various aspects of the school curriculum.  Please contact us to discuss how we can help you and your children get the most out of their school camp experience.  Please contact us with your group enquiry.

Smithy's Sunset Cruise
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With over 35 years experience in crafting authentic Queensland outback tours& adventures, you’re assured of a memorable and highly personalised guided holiday with Outback Aussie Tours.

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