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Noted for its isolation and wild country, Birdsville is a classic ‘must visit’ Outback Town. The town began life as ‘Diamantina Crossing’ in 1881. Later given the name of Birdsville in 1885, reportedly a compliment to the local birdlife. The name Burtsville, after the popular settler J. Burt was also proposed but was eventually declined. The town’s original function was as a ‘tariff wall’ between Queensland and South Australia. Tolls which had provided the town’s income finally ceased in 1901 with the formation of the Federation and the town population declined.

Birdsville today is a modern community with a sporting complex, gymnasium, two galleries, a bakery, air services, motel, hotel, caravan park and cabins, coffee shops and restaurants, general store, post office, medical clinic, fuel and auto services, and a police station. It is often the starting point for travellers making their way into South Australia along the Birdsville Track. Featured attractions in the town include the famous pub, annual Birdsville Races and the Birdsville Bash held annually in July.

Visit Birdsville with Outback Aussie Tours:

  • Birdsville Desert Escape:  2021    9-11 Day Tour.  A very popular fully inclusive tour featuring Birdsville, where the Channel Country meets the desert, Winton & Longreach.  Tour the picturesque Far West Outback region, a fusion of stunning red sand hills, abundant wildlife and magnificent flora and fauna.
  • Corner Country Explorer: 2021   14-15 Day Tour.  Journey to the spectacular Channel Country and discover fascinating and remote Outback communities with legendary outback characters. Retrace the last days of Burke and Wills and explore majestic desert landscapes on this fully inclusive memorable tour.  The Corner Country Explorer departs Brisbane and visits Roma, Charleville, Thargomindah, Tibooburra, Innamincka, Birdsville, Windorah and Longreach.

Some attractions in Birdsville include:

  • Big Red:  The first of 1,113 dunes in the Simpson Desert and standing at 30 metres high, the famous Big Red is the tallest sand dune in the Simpson Desert.  The perfect location to experience the spectacular sunsets – Outback Aussie Tours toast the sunset with drinks and nibbles atop Big Red on their Birdsville tours.  An unforgettable experience!
  • Wirrarri Visitor Information Centre:  Birdsville’s Visitor Information Centre provides a range of essential information such as local road conditions, weather, etc; and includes an extensive gallery showcasing some of the works created by local artists; an informative documentary about the Shire in the theatrette; wireless internet access; a library; maps and souvenirs.
  • Birdsville Billabong:  The Birdsville Billabong is located on the edge of the town and is a drawcard for locals and tourists alike for swimming, kayaking, fishing and walking.  It is also a great place to view the stunning Outback Queensland sunset.
  • Birdsville Hotel:  Australia’s most iconic outback pub! More than just a quintessential outback pub, the Birdsville Hotel provides weary travellers with good old fashioned service, great food, comfortable accommodation and cold drinks.  Immerse yourself in the ambience and stories told by outback characters as colourful as a painted desert landscape.
  • Birdsville Racecourse:  The Birdsville Racecourse, 3km east of town, is home to the world renowned Birdsville Races that are held annually in September as part of the Simpson Desert Racing Carnival.
  • Birdsville Track:  Passing through the Simpson Desert and Sturt’s Stoney Desert, the Birdsville Track stretches over some of Australia’s most beautiful and challenging country.  Visitors to the area can view Lake Eyre catchments, wetlands, sand dunes and vast gibber plains. It takes approximately two days to travel the route which is 515km long. (gravel road).
  • Burke and Wills Tree:  Located on the banks of the Diamantina River, the Burke and Wills Tree is part of the famous Burke and Wills expedition story from the 1800’s.  The tree is said to mark one of their final campsites before they reached the Innamincka area, where the famous Dig Tree stands.
  • Frontier Australia Inland Mission Hospital:  Originally the Australia Inland Mission, a hospital was set up in 1923 in the former Royal Hotel. Visit this intriguing medical museum depicting the fascinating hospital procedures of the early 1900’s.
  • Geothermal Power Station:   Visit the only operating geothermal power station in Australia and one of the few low-temperature geothermal power generating facilities in the world.
  • Munga-Thirri (Simpson Desert) National Park:  Spanning 1,012,000 hectares, Munga-Thirri National Park is Queensland’s largest protected area, home to more than 180 species of birds, along with numerous mammals and reptiles.  Expect to see rows of wind-blown sand dunes set in a majestic desert landscape.  Some of these dunes reach 90 metres high and extend for 200kms.
  • Birdsville Waddi Trees:  Listed as some of Australia’s rarest plants (now a protected species), only found on the fringe of the Simpson Desert in Queensland and Northern Territory.  Local Aboriginals and European settlers used the Waddi wood for its extremely hard form.

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Birdsville is noted for its isolation and wild country - a classic 'must visit' Outback town.



Take in the spectacular landscapes, iconic landmarks and fascinating historical sites on this 9 day Birdsville Desert Escape. You will tour the picturesque Far West Outback region, a fusion of stunning red sand hills, abundant wildlife and magnificent flora and fauna....

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Journey to the spectacular Channel Country and discover fascinating and remote Outback communities with legendary outback characters. Retrace the last days of Burke and Wills, visit the historic Dig Tree, toast the sunset overlooking the Simpson Desert and much more......

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